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Trust Westchase Auto Repair for Your Steering and Suspension System Needs

Know the Warning Signs

Have you experienced any of the following with your vehicle: shakiness, unsteadiness, or stiffness? If so, you may need to get yourself to a Shocks and Struts Repair Shop. These are all symptoms to pay attention to because when they start to happen, it usually means you’re in need of a new suspension system.

If your vehicle seems to be bouncing and swaying from the lightest bumps and cracks in the road more than usual, it’s a good indication that your suspension system is in need of some love – or a total replacement. At Westchase Auto Repair, we’re happy to handle all of your Car Suspension Repair needs at our quality shocks and struts repair shop.

Come visit us at our conveniently located shop in Houston at 10611 Westheimer Road. From this singular base of operations, our service area spans from the Westchase District of Houston all the way to Mission Bend Texas and Meadows Place Texas. Give us a call today at (713)977-0000 to find out more about what we can do to take your driving experience to the next level.

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Automotive Steering System

Service Provided

At Westchase Auto Repair Center, we’re happy to provide you with any of these services to keep your vehicle tuned up and ready for any situation:

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If you enjoy a comfortable, controlled, high-powered ride every time you’re behind the wheel, you have your vehicle’s steering and suspension system to thank for that. These advanced systems are a key component of what makes driving and riding in a modern automobile such a smooth and safe experience. It’s important to get to a suspension repair shop as soon as you notice problems with this system, and Westchase Auto Repair Center is the best place to go for anyone in Westchase District of Houston, Mission Bend Texas, and Meadows Place Texas.

Besides providing enhanced performance of the vehicle, steering and suspension systems keep you in control of your vehicle for the entirety of the time you’re on the road.
Suspension systems work by absorbing the forward energy that comes from bumps and imperfections in the road and converting it into vertical energy. This energy is then able to make its way up the frame of your vehicle. They work similarly to shock absorbers or coil springs: both are there to absorb some of the impact from the ground, which is essential on primitive roadways.

Steering & Suspension System

Who Needs Vehicle Suspension Repair?

No matter what superior materials a suspension system is made of or how well it was assembled, this is a component of your automobile that’s going to wear down and break down over time. This is the natural result of the stress that comes from everyday driving.

If you do a lot of off-roading, there’s a better chance that your suspension system will wear out more quickly. Also speeding, taking turns too fast, and being hard on your vehicle in general through reckless driving and the like only serves to shorten the lifespan of your suspension.

Westchase Auto Repair Center is the suspension repair shop for any type of driver. We’ll identify and correct any issue that’s getting in the way of your driving experience. Our trained staff is fully experienced and ready to handle everything from minor adjustments to full replacements.

You’ll have peace of mind that you’re making the right choice in vehicle suspension repair when our experts break it down for you in a clear and friendly way. They’ll break down your personalized car suspension repair plan in plain English, with no mechanical jargon to confuse and intimidate you – or scare you into emptying your wallet to have us solve your problem.